20 photos that prove dogs are the most loyal animals ever

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. He’s been loyal before he was born. A newborn puppy’s eyes are still closed and yet he already gives you his full trust.

Dogs are the most sincere and sensitive animals. If your dog is feeling that you’re too busy at the moment, he will spend hours waiting patiently to get your attention. When he sees that you’re upset, he puts his head sweetly on your lap as if asking ’What’s wrong? Did someone make you sad? Let’s go for a walk, it’ll make everything better!’

LikeAble found 20 pictures that will get you to start to think about getting a dog.

© Stasha Becker

Julian Becker, four, and his pet Max, a five-year-old Newfoundland, grew up together. Julian’s mother snaps daily pictures to keep her husband, who is away regularly in his role as a U.S. naval officer, up to date.

Schoep and John

John Unger is cradling his loyal dog, Schoep. Only water could soothe the arthritic 19-year-old canine to sleep, so every day John took him to the lake.

© KIMT News 3/Shane Delaney

Deceased soldier’s dog lies near his coffin at the funeral in Rockford, Iowa. 19 August 2011.

© Andrea Gjestvang

Iselin Rose Borch survived the 2011 massacre Anders Breivik caused at a youth camp in Utoya, Norway. ’I had a really hard time sleeping. I was afraid of the dark and suffered from dreadful nightmares. My mom and I decided that getting a dog might help me, so I got Athene. Now she sleeps on top of my stomach every night.’

© Joanne Lefson

Oscar and his owner, journalist Joanne Lefson, love to travel. Together they’ve been to 32 countries all over the globe.

© mommasgonecity

Every day two-year-old Beau and Theo the puppy have a nap together while Mum captures the moment.


Specially trained therapy dogs help little patients conquer their fears in one of the U.S. dental clinics.

© Sarah Beth

Saying goodbye to a friend. Dying dog and his owner.

© Ibrahim Canakci

Travellers in Istanbul.


Boo the Pomeranian looks like the cutest teddy bear and has millions of fans on Facebook.

It’s fun to have a friend who always spoils a perfect photo. Looking good, man.


Who will see us through thick and thin?


Who we trust.

Don’t worry, everything will be alright!

Let’s be silly together!