20 Photos Proving That There’s Never a Dull Moment When Kids Are Around

December 31, 2016

There’s always something interesting or unusual going on in a house full of kids. They’re still getting to know the world after all — its joys and pitfalls. Having young kids may not be the easiest task for parents, but they more than make up for it with the joy and hilarity they bring to all our lives.

Take a look at the following photographs. We’re sure you’ll be convinced that boredom and children are completely incompatible.

© hgtvdecor.com

He really wanted to impress the girls.

© Jason Dunnivant

He wanted to try on his older brother’s pants.

© EuroKate™

I knew there had to be a reason for that long silence in my kid’s room.

© thechive.com

She can’t stand it when someone cries.

© amarella9823

She dreamed of becoming a unicorn from a young age.

© crazypics.nl

It’s easier to keep them entertained than you might think.

© loldamn.com

He’s certain that this is the best way to train a new puppy.

© i.pashchenko

I left her with her brother for all of 15 minutes.

© ulianovicova

She hasn’t quite mastered hide and seek yet.

© www.dumpaday.com

When it came to agreeing on playing space in the living room, negotiations rapidly broke down.

© pikabu.ru

I took my nephew to the park. I never fail to be amazed at how fast he makes friends with strangers.

© uberhumor.com

Don’t boss me around! I’m eight minutes older than you!

© dr.markhieva

Inspection of the wardrobe done, and now I can take a nap.

© theberry.com

The exact moment when he realized he was now the middle child.

© themetapicture.com

He was driving his toy car around the house and drinking milk, and then I found him like this…

© Lil Ugly

She said she didn’t want to look like her friends. I think we managed it!

© trinixy.ru

He’d only ever seen frogs in books before this point.

© boredpanda

The shade was following my daughter, and I didn’t defend her against it. Now she’s convinced that I’m a bad father.

© pikabu.ru

What happens when you go to the automobile show with your son.

© Tooraj

She promised to put it back in the river once she was done cuddling it.

Preview photo credit Tooraj
Jason Dunnivant