20 stunning black-and-white photos you cant stop gazing at

Black-and-white photos are especially fascinating. For some reason, they often seem deeper and more striking than the colour ones. Perhaps it’s because they don’t try to distract us with bright colours, but rather cut straight to the chase.

LikeAble found 20 photographs that prove just how expressive black-and-white photography can be. Try imagining them in full color — it simply won’t be the same.

’Margot Believes in Batman’ from a series of photos showing lonely Batman toy wandering through Texas.

Soap bubble.


Silhouette, France, 1950s (Amateur photography).

Maria-Grazia Cucinotta, Italian actress.

Dolce & Gabbana advertising campaign, 1987.

From the ’Body Sculptures’ series.

Singer Joni Mitchell and British musician Graham Nash in the early days.



The Trio, 1958.



’Emptiness.’ From the ’Removed’ photo series, in which photographer Eric Pickersgill captures people after taking away their devices.


The performer.

Through the mist.

Self portrait.


Preview photo credit Jocelen Janon