20 superb animal photos where nature stares right back at you

When was the last time you truly paid attention to the nature all around you? Appreciated its beauty? Surely, in the midst of our daily lives there’s simply no time for such ’nonsense’.

LikeAble decided it was time we paid more attention and appreciated the true magnificence of the creatures we live side by side with in this world. The authors of these photos managed to catch nature’s eye (no pun intended) — through the eyes of these animals that seem to look straight into your soul.

© Werner Bollmann


© Toby Melville

© Geert Weggen

© John Halvorson

© Peter Schwarz


© Klaus Nigge

© Mario Moreno

© Renita Kostadinova

© Yelena Bubnova


© Johan Siggesson

© Mikhail Vaulin


© Jasper Doest

© Mustafa Ozturk

© Stephan Brauchli

© Christian Patrick Ricci

© Maxim Portnov