20 touching moments when cats revealed their kind hearts

Cats probably want us to think they’re all haughty and self-centred creatures. But underneath that proud exterior and sleek fur there’s often hidden big, kindly and gentle heart.

To prove this to you, Bright Side collected 20 photos of cats doing good things.

These two little cats decided to become bodyguards

This cat is real nice to hug when you’re sleeping

A patient partner playing ’The Prince and the Princess’

Two old friends

A true friend will always hold your hand

He’s always ready to think up a prank with you

Adventure seekers

Taking on the role of proud parents

The best nanny ever

A kitten doesn’t leave his friend — even in the bathroom

Taking their friendship to the next level

A young artist’s assistant is indispensable to the creative process

Whilst the captain’s deputy keeps the ship in working order

The most patient cat in the world


Devoted audience

Improve your reading experience with a cat in your arms

The perfect partner for a game of chess

True friendship knows no bounds

Love cats the way they love you!

Preview photo credit ThrobbingWetHole