20 truly sweet photos of sleeping parents-to-be

December 24, 2016

Jana Romanova, a young Russian photographer, has recently created an amazing photo series called ’Waiting’ in which she took pictures of sleeping parents-to-be.

She started photographing the expectant couples in the most personal and intimate place — their bedroom — early in the morning while they were sleeping or drowsy. It was a time when the photographer could better understand the feelings and mood of the couple preparing for such an important and exciting event in their lives.

The project consists of 40 images which represent the 40 weeks of pregnancy. Jana admitted that she knew very little about her models. But she was just fascinated by the trust of the people who let her stay at their apartment and allowed her to photograph them in such an intimate moment.

The idea of the project was born almost accidentally. Jana was helping her friends, who were expectant parents, make some repairs in their house, and there was a ladder in the middle of the room right near the bed. In the morning she took some images of them sleeping, just for the memory.

’There was something charming and magical in their poses, in the symmetry of their bodies,’ says the photographer. These beautifully intimate photos of sleeping pregnant couples have strongly delighted us at LikeAble. And what about you?

Source: janaromanova.com