21 Really Cool Things That You Will Definitely Want to Own

Whether it’s designing things that we really need, or just dreaming up stuff which we want to own for no particular reason, it seems that there is no limit to human ingenuity when it comes to creating designer goods. How many of these really cool things take your fancy? We certainly wanted to buy them all as soon as we saw them!

The pan with portion cuttings

Balloon-shaped ceiling lights

The ultimate stress ball


The spill-proof keyboard

The clock which shows only the approximate time

The bench shaped like a butterfly

The makeup organiser with a place for your iPad

The basketball mug — for slam-dunking your sugar and marshmallows!

The mirror shaped like giant sunglasses

A grater for butter

The potato wedge cutter

The lazy person’s clothes hanger

These seriously stylish whisky glasses

The laser-guided pizza cutter

This cosy bio-fireplace

The magnetic bracelet for repair work

This thing, which gives you the precise ’dose’ of honey you want

The flower pot which waters itself

The exercise wheel for cats

The mug which you can write messages on

The table held up by balloons

Preview photo credit icono-interiorismo