21 reasons to drop what you’re doing and travel to Iceland

Iceland is a country of roaring volcanoes, huge icebergs, steep mountains and mysterious fjords. Vast areas of the harsh Icelandic landscape remained miraculously untouched by man.

Iceland is a true photographer’s dream. People come here to capture its pristine, mystical power and the unrivalled beauty of its natural features. You probably won’t find this kind of landscape anywhere else on Earth.

After looking at these fantastic images, we here at LikeAble decided to drop everything and head to Iceland right away. And we guarantee you’ll feel the same. Absolutely stunning!

© Max Rive

A house made from peat, © Menno Schaefer

Jokulsarlon lake, © Milko Marchetti

An arctic fox, © Einar Gudmann

Svartifoss Waterfall, © extremeiceland

The Northern Lights above the Jokulsarlon lake, © CoolbieRe

Capturing an Icelandic sunset, © Skarphedinn Thrainsson

Aurora, © Wim Denijs

Flower fields in Skaftafell National Park, © Alexandre Deschaumes

Volcano erruption, © Gunnar Gestur

A rainbow above the Kirkjufell mountain, © Peter Hammer

Volcano river, © Andre Ermolaev

The Blue Lagoon spa resort, hdfons

The house on the edge of the world, © J. G. Damlow

© -justk-

© Alban Henderyckx

Elephant Rock, imgur

Ice and fire at Vatnajokull iceberg, © Einar Runar

Nature is the best artist, © Andre Ermolaev

Fog, © Daniel Kaempf

Litlanesfoss falls, imgur