21 soul-stirring images that will restore your faith in humanity

In this world of wars and political upheaval, it’s extremely important to stay human and support those who are in trouble. Sometimes, even the smallest good deed can bring more love and happiness than all treasures of the world.

Such stories often occur behind the scenes; in a short amount of time they’re forgotten. But it’s such stories that let us believe in humanity once again, in its generosity and kindheartedness. We here at LikeAble think it’s important to remember there are good people out there, all over the world, and you’re never on your own.

Old Dobry

A ninety-eight-year-old beggar referred to as Old Dobry, from the Bulgarian village of Bailovo, dresses in homespun clothes and worn-out leather shoes. He can be often found standing near the St. Alexandr Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia. Every day he gets up early and walks six miles (10 km) from his village to the capital. In 2010, during the filming of a documentary about the cathedral, a journalist discovered a shocking fact: the most generous private donation ever received by the cathedral — €40,000 — was made by Old Dobry.

This elderly saint didn’t touch a single penny that people give him. He lives on his €100 retirement benefit, plus bread and fruit that people donate to him. Old Dobry also helps many other people and organizations: for example, he paid off the utility bills of an orphanage that was within an inch of having its heating and power shut off. But we can’t list all of old Dobry’s good deeds, because he never reveals them.


Pope Francis surprised people gathered at St. Peter’s Square in Rome, when he suddenly interrupted his prayer to kiss a man whose body has been damaged by a terrible disease. The man himself came to the square to ask the Pope to bless him.

Music is the light

At a concert of the group ’KoЯn’ in Moscow, members of the audience suddenly raised a young man in a wheelchair who had been sitting there and brought him closer to the stage so that he could better see his idols.


The employees of a cleaning company in Memphis decided to give a small holiday treat for the kids at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. When it came time to wash the windows from the outside, they dressed up as superheroes: Spider-Man, Captain America, and Batman. As they said, the kids cheered when Spiderman waved to them outside.

Experts say that this kind of encounter acts as therapy for children, and is extremely effective in helping them to forget about their illnesses, shifting attention to something more interesting.

Kindness on a football field

Kim Chelstrem reassured an autistic boy. It happened before the match against the German team. Little Max was frightened by what was happening, and the football player supported him. Later, the boy’s father wrote a touching letter of gratitude to Kim.

A Brave Deed

A fireman took this kitten from a house that was on fire, endangering his own life to save it. He even put an oxygen mask on the animal so that it could breathe normally again.

Kindness in the subway

In Canada, a subway a ticket barrier was broken, and there were no staff around. This is what the passengers left at the entrance…

Let a dream come true

’Dexter,’ a Michigan football team, gave a boy with Down’s syndrome a chance to open an evening game.

A good policeman

New York City police officer Larry Deprima, on duty in Times Square, saw an elderly homeless man sitting on the sidewalk near a shoe store. He talked to him, found out his shoe size, walked away, and after a while came back with new winter boots and socks and helped the man to put them on. All this happened in front of an office employee. She captured this scene quietly on a mobile camera. The police officer didn’t know someone was watching or filming him. He just helped the homeless guy and went about his duty.


These two Norwegian guys were just walking nearby when they heard strange sounds. It turned out that they came from a lamb which had fallen in the water by accident. Clinging to the rocks and holding each other’s hands in a tight grip, they risked their lives to save the poor animal.

A worthy competitor

An athlete helping an injured competitor to reach the finish line.

The value of kindness

An entrance hall in Helsinki. The note says: ’€20. Found between 1 and 2 floors, September 11, 6:30 p.m.’

An act of decency

Someone decided to do a favour for a stranger and left their change in a vending machine.

Mutual aid

Thousands of people were left without electricity after Hurricane Sandy. Some people decided to take their sockets out to the street so that others could charge their phones and call relatives.

Humanity amidst war

This soldier was on duty for hours on end. Having seen that the poor guy was tired, an Afghan villager offered him a cup of tea to save him from his exhausting thirst.

Your five minutes of fame is someone’s whole life

Senior high school graduates in Pirot, Serbia, decided to collectively refuse to buy expensive gowns and suits for their prom, saving the money for charity instead. Thanks to their initiative, students and teachers collected 310,000 RSD, which was donated to three families with seriously ill children. After the celebrations at school, the graduates walked through the city center in t-shirts with the inscription on the back, ’Your five minutes of fame is someone’s whole life.’

We are responsible for those who we brought into the world

A man saves some puppies from an abandoned house during a flood in Manila.

Free meal

It’s not often that a big company performs this kind of good deed.

Dry cleaning

This one’s self-explanatory…


A man giving his shoes to a homeless person in Rio de Janeiro. The girl broke down in tears.