22 ingenious pieces of children’s writing that deserve awards

Sometimes the things that kids write are so superb that they not only obligate us to smile and laugh, but they also deserve a real world-class prize.

We at LikeAble decided to take responsibility for awarding this prize and present you with the first 22 nominations. Are these the funniest kids in the world?

1. The Nobel Prize for Literature


For dynamic plot development and innovation.

2. The Nobel Prize for Philosophy


For the bold critique of a great philosopher.

3. The Doctor House Prize


For a precise diagnosis.

4. The Golden Ball Prize


For a revolutionary new method of calculation.

5. An Award in the Fine Arts


For an original depiction of reality.

6. The Prize for Language Abilities


For mastering the difference between synonyms and antonyms.

7. The Prize for Choosing the Right Profession


For realizing the dream of millions.

8. The ’Profession of the Future’ Award


For foreseeing mankind’s destiny in the years ahead.

9. The ’Ambition’ Award


For a well thought-out plan for the future.

10. The ’Family of the Year’ Award


For truly touching family relationships.

11. The Award for Diplomacy


For being a good negotiator.

12. The ’Apology of the Year’ Award


For taking the first brave step towards reconciliation.

13. The ’Friendship’ Award


For the most unlikely case of friendship.

14. The Award for Knowing One’s Rights


For being able to stand up for your interests.

15 and 16. Awards for Touching Declarations of Love


For knowing how to rank one’s priorities.


For the ability to evaluate someone’s best qualities.

17. The ’Best Friend’ Award


For knowing how to show tact.

18. The ’Best Wishes’ Award


For hoping for the best.

19. The ’Girlfriend of the Year’ Award


For giving everyone an equal chance.

20. The ’Sales Assistant of the Year’ Award


For knowing how to sell.

21. The History Prize


For outstanding knowledge of mythology.

22. The ’Best Son’ Award


For honesty and good manners.

Based on materials from boredpanda.com