22 superb ways to bring your old stuff back to life

Soon it’ll be spring time — the season when people usually throw away useless junk that has piled up over the years. But don’t rush to discard everything. You’ll be surprised to find out that it’s possible to breathe new life into most of your old things.

Let us here at LikeAble prove to you that with a little creativity and ingenuity, a whole bunch of stuff — from ladders to old boxes to CDs — can still be of use and help make your home well-ordered and cosy.

A bookshelf made out of an old piano

© (с) tothgergodizajn

Old cheese graters made into lamps

© pinterest

A chandelier made out of gears

© jbpublicart

Forks made from hangers

© (с) etsy

A ladder bookshelf

© (с) etsy

A glass holder made from an old garden rake

© blogspot

A bicycle made into a pedestal for a sink

© (с) fineartamerica

Mosaic tiles made out of CDs

© (с) goodshomedesign

A TV aquarium

© (с) lisandru

A lamp shade made from bottles and spoons

© (с) futurenow

A table made of wooden boxes

© diyforhome

Old chairs used as holders for dog bowls

© (с) bhg

Some shelves made out of an old ladder

© (с) onestrashanotherstreasure

A guitar shelf for knick-knacks

© (с) etsy

An old cabinet made into a decorative fireplace

© (с) mirtesen

A sweater bed for your pet

© (с) pinterest

A new life for a crib

© (с) blogspot

Old boxes are a great way to keep kids busy

© (с) blogspot

Chairs remade into clothes hangers and a shelf

© (с) koktel

A drum kit chandelier

© (с) imgur

A rope-covered tire for an ottoman

© (с) theownerbuildernetwork

A piano becomes a beautiful garden sculpture

© (с) imgur

Based on materials from boredpanda