She Bakes Cake For New Customer, But The Man Who Picks It Up Is The Last Person She Expects

January 30, 2017

Mary Pat Seiss is a twentysomething woman from Pennsylvania who works at Oakmont Bakery. In spring 2016, Mary Pat received a cake order for a new client.

A little girl name Kelly was turning 6 years old, and Mary Pat was tasked with baking and decorating her birthday cake. What made it particularly meaningful was the fact Kelly had cancer — a diagnosis Mary Pat unfortunately knows all too well.

Mary Pat was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 6. After two years of treatment, she went into remission, but relapsed when she was 9. She underwent two more years of treatment and was cancer-free until Christmas 2009 when she was in college and learned it had returned.

Mary Pat has been fighting ever since. Her two brothers have been a bright light in her life, but have both left home to live their lives and start their own families. It’s been hard on Mary Pat, being the only sibling left in the house and dealing with her illness without them around.

At the time Mary Pat was baking her cake for Kelly, her beloved brother Robert was thousands of miles away. The U.S. soldier was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and preparing for his deployment in Iraq.

In the video below, watch what happens after Mary Pat finishes decorating her customer’s beautiful birthday cake. She heads up to the register and waits for the customer to come pick it up, and well… you do not want to miss this!

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Video Credit: Jamie’s Dream Team / Facebook / Website