25 of the coolest kitchen gadgets you’ve ever seen

December 19, 2016

Designers are the kind of people who can come up with a creative twist even for the most ordinary things we use for preparing food. You can see this in the various ingenious kitchen gadgets which have appeared in recent years. The following collection of items are not only pleasing to the eye, but will put a smile on your lips even when you’re cooking the most difficult meal.

The hedgehog cheese grater

The ’blood splash’ chopping board and ladle stand

The ’Cool Jewels’ ice cube tray

The ’Mr. Tea’ infuser

The ’Nessie’ soup ladle

The ferry silicone steaming lid

The Spartan knife holder

The custom-engraved rolling pin

The ’Sharky’ tea infuser

The quintuple-bladed herb scissors

’Magic Wand’ salt and pepper shakers

The ’Deep-Tea Diver’ infuser

The mitten ice tongs

The panda toast stamp

The skull-shaped boiled egg mould

The pizza scissors

The cannon-shaped popcorn maker

The ’Hot Man’ trivet

The ’Jaws’ knife sharpener

The manatea tea infuser

The shark sushi plate

The dinosaur spaghetti scooper

The ’Brain Freezer’ ice cube mould

via: boredpanda