25 unbelievably cute little things you’ll want for your home

December 28, 2016

Designers are the kind of people that can take an ordinary object and turn it into something totally unexpected and unusual. This is how some of the most simple yet ingenious inventions have appeared over the years. We have designers to thank for providing us with all kinds of things that are not only pleasing to the eye but are also a real pleasure to use.

We at LikeAble are convinced that the following selection of inventions can improve anyone’s mood and put a smile on your face no matter what.

A cloud for watering your plants

© animicausa

Bat-themed clothes pegs

© shop.adme

© shop.adme

The ’Yolkpig’ egg separator

© animicausa

Snail measuring tape

© shop.adme

A whale-themed colander

© shop.adme

A walrus-shaped tea strainer

© urbanoutfitters

The snail mini funnel

© catchingfireflies

An elephant-shaped purse hook

© lumens

The ’Moby Pick’ canape stick holder

© maiden

The best sponge holder ever

© shop.adme

The ’Cool Beans’ ice cube tray

© modcloth

’Oliver the Elephant’ snack bowl

© perpetualkid

’Shower Squids’ for the bathroom

© uncommongoods

’Himalayan’ spice holders

© shop.adme

The ’Bowler Hat’ colander

© doiydesign

The wall switch with a smile

© mysweetmuffin

A Penguin cocktail shaker

© modcloth

A giraffe-themed soap dispenser

© homedics

The ’Skate Chopboard’

© doiydesign

These cute little barbecue skewers

© laughingsquid

The ladybug contact lens holder

© kikkerland

Cat-themed measuring cups

© modcloth

Seagull-shaped food skewers

© perpetualkid

’Look Hooks’ for kitchen utensils

© peleg-design

Source buzzfeed