25 utterly fantastic shots taken at exactly the right moment

A perfect picture is captured at the exact moment when you become entirely sure that what’s coming next is inevitable. Few of us have the capability of getting the timing down to capture these shots. Being a professional photographer isn’t enough, and it’s actually not even necessary. If you’re good a seizing the moment, you just might have this skill.

LikeAble appreciates those who seek creativity. That’s why we collect unusual shots that cause only one reaction: ’’Woah, that’s amazing!’’

’’Target detected’’

© Scott Linstead


© Agoes Antara

The escape plan.

© Geo Messmer

The moment.

© Gina Waga

Battle for the throne.

© Matthew Studebaker

A mud bath would be nice.

©  Ross D. Franklin


© review33

’’Mom told me to become an engineer.’’

© redbullillume

’’Fire in the hole!’’

© fotodom

’Houston, we have a problem’.

© teh-song82

The cause of floods in the USA.

© Ezra Shaw

’My back just itches’

© William Qin

’Hit left!’

©  Tri Nguyen

’Doesn’t matter, it rains anyway’.

© Veselin Malinov


© Helios Van De Kamp

Another world.

© Nadia Aly

’Where’s my earring?’


’’Ronaldo mode on’’

© David Lazar

Mmm, yummy.

© reddit

Tango with a bull.

© blog.joins

That’s how great friendship starts.

© ela


© my.hupu


© Kimera Jam

Superman to the rescue!

© blogspot

The roosters’ kung-fu.

© Anugrah Fajar