31 People Who Are Way Worse At Being A Parent Than You

January 23, 2017

Nobody is saying that parenting is easy, of course we all know it’s a full-time job. But sometimes you will find yourself wondering whether you’re getting everything right. What do you feed them? What time do they need to go to sleep? Raising a child is no picnic, so it’s only natural for every parent to question their methods from time to time.

One important thing to remember though; there is always someone doing parenting worse than you, it’s just a fact. Think about some of the dumbest things you can do with a kid… someone has definitely already done it.

Here are some parents showing us all that no matter what happens, someone will always be failing more than you.

1. If in doubt, hose the fuckers down

2. The biggest dilemma for any parent… Slurpee or baby?

3. He’s in there somewhere officer, honest

4. Shock horror

5. I wield my baby like I wield my power drill

6. Squash

7. No seatbelts, no problem

8. “So you’re sure I’m safe sitting like this yeah?”


9. Who needs cuddly toys when you have a snake?

10. This baby also doubles as a laptop stand, how handy

11. No bin nearby? Just use your baby’s head

12. So this is actual child cruelty

13. My baby is ill, LOL

14. Petrol and kids make perfect bedfellows

15. Spot the kid

16. You can’t win money looking after your child


17. Jackhammers? Give that woman a medical dictionary someone

18. Yeah that’s definitely not safe bro

19. Oh Kelli, you’re the reason why the world is so shit

20. Never trust a family that stores wood in their bath

21. ‘Baby-cage, perfect for the lazy parent’

22. Fuck getting a trolley


24. Somebody unplug the whisk!


25. Box up your baby for easy travel

26. If you’re really bored, babies can be used as musical instruments

27. Who needs enemies when you have a Mum like this?

28. Can I see some I.D. please mate?

29. There is so much wrong with this picture…

30. Parenting 101: don’t drop shit on the baby

31. What sort of crackhead thinks this is safe?

After looking at that, I’m even more convinced that some people shouldn’t be allowed to have kids. What sort of woman leaves her baby on the floor while she plays slot machines? Similarly, any Dad who thinks it’s ok to lock their baby in a cage needs their head sorting. I hope these images give you worrying parents some peace of mind – it certainly made me feel better about my own child rearing abilities. With parenting in sharp focus, here are some controversial punishments that you couldn’t get away with away.