4-Year-Old Dumps Kibble On Kitchen Floor And Tells Mom To Watch The Hungry Pit Bulls

January 31, 2017

People often stereotype pit bulls as being inherently dangerous, but the following clip puts those claims to rest. Even the parents who filmed the clip admit that “people say it could never be done.”

Watch as six hungry pit bulls stare at their dinner, which has been spilled on the floor by their 4-year-old owner. Not only are these adult male dogs waiting patiently as she tells them to sit and watch, they also avoid rushing toward her when she pours their dinner on the ground.

Her mom instructs her to count, and they still wait as she makes her way to five. When she finally tells them it’s time to eat, the pups go for the food without an ounce of territorial anger toward one another, or toward their adorable trainer.

The video went massively viral, with millions of views on YouTube. One commenter said, “This is how they do it in the wolf packs. When the alpha male has food, they get first picks from the kill. All the other members of the pack stay away until the leader is done, and then only when the leader is done, do the other members eat their fill.”

What do you think of this jaw-dropping moment between a little girl and her dogs?

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