The 40 best feelings in the world

We here at LikeAble think that one of the most important things in life is to take pleasure in sensations and knowing how to find happiness in the little things. Sometimes, you can just do as little as one of the things on this list and feel a whole lot better. Why not give them a try?

1. Taking uncomfortable shoes off after a hard day.
2. Sinking your hand in a sack of rice or beans.
3. Kissing a child on a soft tender cheek
4. Popping bubble wrap.
5. Flipping your pillow to the cold side.
6. Taking a shower at the exact temperature you want.
7. Taking a first bite of your favorite dish.
8. Finally falling on your bed after a long day and a sleepless night.
9. Kissing someone you like for the first time.
10. Smelling a new book.
11. Taking a first sip of coffee in the morning.
12. Feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin.
13. Walking on a warm sandy beach in the evening.
14. Putting on clean and freshly ironed clothes.
15. Taking a walk in the summer rain.
16. Plunging into cool water on a hot day.
17. Getting a back massage.
18. Running barefoot on grass.
19. Taking in the smell after a thunderstorm.
20. Touching the fur of your favorite pet.
21. Taking a sip of cold water on a boiling day.
22. Touching your hair after getting a haircut.
23. Warming your hands in front of a fire.
24. Finally sneezing after trying to do it for a while.
25. Listening to your cat’s purring while it’s resting on your chest.
26. Smelling garlic that was just thrown on a frying pan covered with hot olive oil.
27. Sorting small beads or running a thin metal chain through your fingers.
28. Brushing your teeth with a new toothbrush.
29. Putting your glasses on after you’ve just cleaned them.
30. Feeling butterflies in your stomach when you are driving downhill.
31. Hugging someone you really missed.
32. Peeling dried glue off your hand.
33. Coming home and taking uncomfortable clothes off.
34. Rolling on a rug when it’s raining outside.
35. Falling asleep on clean sheets.
36. Detecting a pleasant scent that you remember from your childhood.
37. Tenderly biting someone you love.
38. Smelling BBQ that’s almost ready to be served.
39. Opening your eyes in the morning and realizing that it’s Saturday.
40. Enjoying a glass of wine and appreciating your life for all its sweetness.

And how about yourself? What feelings make you happy? Please share with us in the comments, and let’s expand this list together!