6-Year-Old Builds ‘Lemonade Stand,’ Then Neighbors See He’s Not Selling Anything

February 24, 2017

Melissa Work was in bed one night when her 6-year-old son, Blake, snuck into her room. Blake was supposed to be asleep, but Melissa let him crawl into bed with her.

She has always raised her children with one mantra in mind — “If you don’t listen when they tell you the little things, they won’t tell you the big things” — so she wanted Blake to know she would listen to anything he had to say.

While they were talking, Melissa mentioned that Blake had to clean his room the next day, but Blake complained that there were too many toys to pick up. Melissa told him that those toys were gifts, and many children are not as fortunate as Blake is.

When she explained that some kids don’t have any toys at all, like the kids in this family, Blake was heartbroken for them.

He told his mom he had an idea: He wanted to set up a “lemonade stand” to give away his toys to less fortunate kids.

Melissa loved Blake’s idea, so the two of them started preparing for it.

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Melissa Work

Blake rounded up some of his toys and set up in front of his house.

He made a sign advertising the free toys and waited for visitors to arrive.

Melissa Work

His handwritten sign read, “Cheer up kids come to blake works house we have free toys 4 uoy [sic].”

Melissa posted on some local garage sale websites to draw attention to Blake’s toy stand, and within a few hours they had their first customers.

Melissa Work

The first visitor who came to Blake’s stand was a contractor working in the neighborhood. He picked out a robot toy for his grandson.

Then he posed for a picture with Blake, who was smiling from ear to ear.

Melissa Work

After that, two young children stopped by. They came with two of their own toys to contribute to Blake’s cause, and in exchange Blake gave them a soccer ball.

Within the first few visitors, it was clear that Blake’s simple idea was having a ripple effect on the community — now other kids were giving their toys away too!

Melissa Work

When a family came by with an 18-month-old and told Blake that they didn’t want any toys, Blake wondered what he could give them instead.

The dad told Blake that they needed some books, so Blake took off into his house to pick out his favorite books for the family to take.

Blake didn’t think twice about giving his things away — he knew that other people needed them more than he did.

Melissa Work

When the day was over, Blake still had plenty of toys to give away, so he donated them to his school for kids to earn with good behavior.

Although his mom is surprised that Blake’s story has gotten so much attention, she wasn’t at all surprised that Blake wanted to do something so wonderful.

Melissa has always known Blake is a special kid, but she’s glad other people are seeing how wonderful he is too.

Melissa Work

“We honestly had no idea that his little heart would reach this far,” Melissa told LikeAble. “Heck, we had no idea it would reach outside of our little neighborhood.

“This was just another day for him. It just happened to get more attention. We are honored that his light is shining so bright.

“We hope that his kindness is contagious. That people see this and realize that one act of kindness can literally reach the world.”

Blake’s decision to give away his toys is just one small good deed — but the impact he is having on everyone who reads his story is so much bigger.

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