7 Stereotypes About Things That Men Find Attractive in Women

February 13, 2017

It can be hard for a woman to build a happy and harmonious relationship with a man as tricky myths become stuck in our heads and define our actions.

We at LikeAble decided to find out the common misconceptions about what men like in women.

Revealing clothes

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When trying to get a man’s attention, girls often pick the sexiest outfits: low necklines, miniskirts, bright colors, tight dresses.

Fact: If you don’t want to just make an impression but meet the man of your dreams, the level of sexuality in your clothes has to be reduced by adding more elegant and feminine details. A sexy little skirt obviously awakens sexual desire, but that’s not the girl a man wants to take care of.

Model looks

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This is the myth that made millions of girls around the world torture themselves by dieting and going under the knife. When aspiring for perfection, we lose our minds trying to copy someone’s proportions, haircut, nose…and we lose our individuality.

Fact: A beautiful appearance is obviously the first thing men find attractive. They love nice hair, glowing skin, the ability to dress well. A man likes a woman who knows how to take care of her beauty and stay true to herself by accepting her individual traits and not blindly copying the standards.

Overreliance on a man or excessive independence

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Sometimes a girl thinks that any man who wants to start a relationship with her has to manage her finances, make decisions for her, become her manager… Some women go to the other extreme: they try to be excessively independent and rely only on themselves.

Fact: When two people trust and help each other and aren’t afraid of accepting support, they can build a happy relationship. Of course, men want to protect and take care of their loved ones, but a woman should still have her own opinions. Helpless ladies look cute at first, but men quickly lose interest in them.


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Some women completely forget about their own lives and make their significant one the center of the universe. They think that this kind of dedication is exactly what attracts men, and it’s all because the main focus is only on the one important person who may quickly lose his interest in this situation.

Fact: A man is attracted to a woman who has her own interests and hobbies. It’s very important to keep these in a relationship and to not lose yourself in another person.

Sophisticated sex life

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It’s a widespread myth that experienced sex goddesses who know all the tricks of intimate pleasures are the happiest women in a relationship.

Fact: Sexual harmony is essential for a happy relationship, but it doesn’t have anything in common with sophistication. What men appreciate most are sexual compatibility, tenderness, the ability to enjoy sex, and a desire to give pleasure to the beloved one.

Stupid behavior

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Some women believe that men don’t like clever girls, so to get a man’s attention they act unnaturally, pretending to be flippant and clumsy.

Fact: Studies carried out at California State University show that silly women are, as a rule, attractive to men for one simple reason: they are more sexually available. Men who want to build a strong serious relationship are attracted to smart women.

Overly bright makeup

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Some girls think that the heavier their makeup is, the more attractive they are to men.

Fact: In one study, men and women were given pictures of girls with different makeup and asked to form opinions on their appearances. Most of the men and women agreed that women who wore a minimum of makeup are more attractive.

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