After 7 Years Of Hiding Her Face, She Wipes Off Makeup In Front Of Cameras

February 5, 2017

The channel TLC: UK has a new show called Too Ugly For Love? 

While the name seems harsh and uninviting, the truth of the show is actually much more admirable than you’d think.

The show focuses on a group of individuals who have bravely decided to allow cameras to follow them along their journey of finding love.

Although they’re not ugly, they have felt as if they were, and they all have hidden body or appearance secrets that they’re trying to accept and find someone else who will accept them as they are.

Unfortunately, appearance plays a huge part in love sometimes, especially in first impressions.

Some of the people that will be on the show say that they’ve had no problem dating, but once their love interest finds out the secret they’re hiding, they leave.

Clearly, this is a heartbreaking show, but also an inspiring one. These people of all different deformities and conditions show that “perfect” does not come in one shape, size, or color. They’re being brave for the hundreds, thousands, or even millions of scared individuals with similar problems!

Mariah is the 19-year-old young woman we meet in this clip, and she has something called vitiligo. Although you can’t tell at a first glance, she strips her makeup off and shares a truly vulnerable and beautiful moment on camera.

For some, taking makeup off in front of cameras is hard to do without vitiligo. Not only does Mariah deserve love, but she deserves to feel the pride that I feel for her watching her become a role model by opening up about her struggles!

Think of all the people this show could help!

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