9 Ways to Better Understand Your Dog

February 20, 2017

If you’ve ever owned a dog, you probably know how faithful and loyal pups are. You also should know that our furry friends have their own language. We at LikeAble have studied this matter and arrived at some interesting answers.

Bringing you gifts

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If your dog brings you a stick, ball, or other item, there’s a reason: your pet just wants to give you a gift! Such behavior can also mean that the presents they give you are things they want as well.

Sleeping in your bed

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Many dogs like to sprawl out all over the bed, leaving you no room to sleep. You may think your furry friend invades your space, but it’s not true. Your pooch doesn’t mean anything nasty, and this is actually a strong sign that your dog loves you. They just want to be with you every minute and don’t want to part with their owner even at night.

Sitting on your feet

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When your dog sits on your feet, they are letting everyone know that you are a member of their pack. Be proud of yourself!

However, if your pet is usually shy and passive, this is a common way to show you that they want your protection.

Raising one paw up in the air

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This means that your pet is fully concentrating. Most often, dogs do this when they get a brilliant idea and want to think it over carefully.


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Dogs yawn for the same reason people do: they’re bored or sleepy. And don’t forget that yawns are contagious. So if you’re yawning, your dog might start yawning too.

Chewing on furniture

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Have you ever come home after leaving your pet alone only to discover that they turned your home into a complete mess? If so, it’s your fault! Remember, each mess your dog makes is an act of communication. Most likely it’s because your pet has separation anxiety and can’t stand to be away from you for too long. If you own a puppy, take them on walks more often in order to help them release all that energy.

Leaning on you

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Dogs want your affection and attention when they lean against your leg. By doing so, your furry friend also wants you to comfort them and cheer them up.

Hunching over

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If your dog curls up in a ball and hunches over, it means that they feel insecure and want to make themselves unnoticeable. Maybe someone has hurt or scared them. In any case, your pet needs your support!

Staring at you

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You might feel uncomfortable when your dog looks directly into your eyes. But don’t worry! It’s a sign of affection and trust. Your pet loves you, so take pride in that!

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