A guy who posted photos of doctors sleeping on duty didn’t get the reaction he’d expected


A blogger from Mexico posted some photos online of a hospital employee who’d fallen asleep while on duty. The blogger criticised him for not doing his job properly.

But doctors around the world came out in defence of their colleague, putting up photos of themselves sleeping after exhausting shifts. They used the hashtag #YoTambienMeDormi (Spanish for ‘I fell asleep too’).


The blogger took this photo at 3am:


‘Plenty of patients were waiting for help’, he wrote


In response, one Mexican doctor put up his own photo with the hashtag ‘I fell asleep too’


Soon, many other doctors began to post their photos, coming out in defence of their colleague


Medical staff around the world are often overworked


Some of them have shifts which last for 36 hours, working up to 80 hours a week!


‘We’re people, not machines!’ they declared

We admire their sense of solidarity

via: boredpanda