A Man Helped an Old Lady Fix the Wheel of Her Car — Only Later Did He Understand What This Led To

September 28, 2012

When the wheel came off an elderly lady’s car, she had no idea how she would get home.

A young man was traveling along the country road and saw the car by the wayside. He noticed the elderly woman sat slumped over inside, with a worried look on her face. He decided to stop and help her out.

The woman became worried when she saw the stranger approaching her. What did he want? Was he really going to help her?

But since she couldn’t fix it herself, she had no other choice. She gave the man her spare wheel, and he changed it for her very quickly.

The woman thanked the young man and offered to pay him for his work. But he didn’t want to take her money in exchange for the help he’d provided. Instead, he simply said to her, “Just think about me when you see someone who needs help. Remember Brian Anderson and pay for a good deed with another good deed.”

With that, the man left. The old lady was so impressed by his act of kindness that she felt dizzy. She got back in her Mercedes, drove a little way up the road, and then stopped off at a cafe.

She was met there by a smiling waitress, who offered her a towel to dry off her hair that had gotten wet in the rain. It was at this moment that the old lady noticed that the waitress was heavily pregnant. She must have been very tired, yet she appeared to be the most pleasant person on earth.

The elderly lady ordered a glass of lemonade and drank it quickly. Then she remembered Brian Anderson. She put down $100 for her drink, and when the waitress went to get her change, she hurried out of the cafe and drove off.

The waitress then saw the note that the old lady had written on a paper towel: “A nice man helped me out on the road, so now I’m helping you.” There was another $400 inside the paper towel.

The waitress felt dizzy. Her baby was due the following month, and the next few weeks promised to be very difficult. She finished up at work and left.

A few hours later she finally got home. She climbed into bed, and, thinking about how lucky she was, leaned over to her husband, kissed him on the forehead and said, “I love you, Brian Anderson…”