Adorable Baby Bursts Out Into Contagious Laugh When Dad Blows Suds Everywhere

February 5, 2017

Do you believe there is one secret to happiness? If you do, do you agree that it’s a baby’s laughter?

No? Well this video might just change your mind. Laughter is the best medicine, after all, right?

In this clip from America’s Funniest Home Videos, one little baby gets the laugh of a lifetime — his parents have a video they’ll definitely cherish forever!

While the adorable little one sits in the tub, Dad starts blowing the huge suds all over the place and his baby cannot get enough of it.

With each blow of the bubbles, the baby’s laughter gets better and louder. It’s like a cute hearty belly laugh, though. Not a simple giggle!

Can you keep the smile off your face when you watch this adorable face and hear the contagious laughter? I can’t.

Every baby has the power to make people smile with their angelic faces, but this baby might just have the power to change the world with his laugh!

He reminded me of the baby who laughed loudly every time his dad hiccuped. Don’t you wish babies could stay babies?

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