This amazing CEO paid every one of his workers $200,000

Nevzat Aydin, a Turkish businessman, used to own a very successful delivery service company. Eventually, he sold the company for about $589 million. At the time, he felt that he needed to thank everybody who had worked for him, and gave bonuses to all 114 of his employees.

Aydin says that he took this step in order to show his gratitude to each and every one of them. He felt that he had only been able to attain success because he had such a hard-working team.

How the money was divided up:

The average monthly salary in the company was about $1,000 — $1,800.
Every worker received a $200,000 bonus. That’s about 11 years of paid work.
He had read an article in which the authors suggested that $200,000 is enough for someone to no longer consider money the main source of their motivation.

Some people cried, others screamed and some even wrote letters of thanks. They had these emotions because I was able to significantly affect their lives with this money. Now they’re able to buy houses and cars. Now they can afford everything they wanted before, but were unable to buy with a salary of 3-5,000 Turkish liras. I think I did the right thing. I would like to give them more.

Nevzat Aydin.

Formally, the CEO did not have any legal obligations to his employees in terms of paying them this kind of money. This decision was the first decision of it’s kind in Turkey.

We here at LikeAble really admire Nevzat for his generosity and thoughtfulness towards others. It’s good deeds like this which make the world go round!

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