Ashton Kutcher Talks About How He Has Helped To Rescue 6,000 Sex Trafficking Victims

December 29, 2016

You might know Ashton Kutcher as the dimwitted character from That 70’s Show (or from that terrible Steve Jobs biopic), or as the man who stole Mila Kunis from you – but he’s much more than the simple comic relief who replaced Charlie Sheen in Two And A Half Men.

Kutcher also a dedicated investor; with a significant hand in some of the startups you’re familiar with today, including Skype, Airbnb and Foursquare. Since 2008, he’s been using his money and fame to tackle one of the less-discussed issues occurring in the world today – human and sex trafficking.

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Alongside his ex-wife Demi Moore, Kutcher founded the organisation Thorn, which sets about eliminating sex trafficking and child exploitation online, recruiting some of the largest internet companies such as Facebook, Google and Imgur to form the Thorn Task Technical Force to help with the massive issue that slips under humanity’s collective radar.

Since its establishment, Thorn has helped to capture as many as 2,000 traffickers and rescued three times as many victims, and recently, Ashton Kutcher sat down on NBC’s The Today Show in America to discuss Thorn and its impact on society.

Explaining how he founded Thorn in the wake of Barack Obama’s successful presidential campaign, Ashton goes into detail as to the digital tools he’s built to fight human trafficking, including one that’s helped law enforcement to prioritise their case loads and recover victims at a higher rate. He expresses his relief at recovering 6,000 victims, and his next goal is to remove child pornography from the internet entirely. He was going to wait until Hillary Clinton became president, but since that isn’t happening, he’s kicking off his new campaign early, and urged everybody watching to help him bring the fight.

In the United States alone, it’s estimated that around 100,000 children every year become victims of human trafficking, and according to activist, children of all races are lured into prostitution at an average age of thirteen. It’s simply not acceptable as a society, and whatever you think of Ashton Kutcher as an actor, you can’t deny that he’s using his riches for a good cause.

Child pornography is but one of many unsettling evils in society, and as the adult industry grows and transcends its traditional target audience, another form of illegal pornography becoming more prevalent is revenge porn. When you see this particular incident, which caused the victim to commit suicide, it’s hard to argue with the damage that it causes.