Audience Thinks Young Woman Is 17 Years Older Than She Is, So She Decides To Get A New Look

February 8, 2017

It’s always good to acknowledge what your fears are. That way, you can work towards conquering them over a period of time.

Some people are afraid of fairly common things, such as spiders and heights. Others’ fears can be a bit more…particular, as you’ll see in this list of phobias you probably didn’t know existed.

For example, this 23-year-old woman named Mary is afraid of something that many other females battle with overcoming — cutting their hair.

Hair is somewhat of a comfort to many, an easy object that we can mentally and physically hide behind. Plus, it doesn’t help that society suggests that young girls’ hair should be long while boys’ hair should be short. Times have definitely changed — that’s for sure!

On August 27, 2012, Mary appeared on the Tyra Banks Show as a young lady in her early 20s who had never had a haircut in her entire life, describing her locks as her “safety net.” But it was definitely a reality check when Tyra revealed that the audience thought she was almost double her age, thanks to her appearance.

Mary’s fiancé was in the audience, and loved her long locks. However, he was there to support and help her through the transition she was about to undergo.

Little did Mary know that he was actually going to be the one to grasp the scissors and get the deed done. No pain, no gain: Mary is absolutely unrecognizable after her amazing transformation!

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