Baby Touches Face During Ultrasound, Then Grandma Demands Daughter Look At The Screen

February 6, 2017

Ultrasounds are a norm nowadays. When you find out you’re pregnant, you’ll have regular checkups that involve this procedure just to make sure your baby is doing OK. But, that was not always the case.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Aunt Chippy is one of the first women to remind people of that!

On this episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! from 2014, Jimmy decided to ask his pregnant cousin Micki, who also works for his show, to help him prank Aunt Chippy, who is Micki’s mother.

Since Micki is pregnant and was due very soon, it was the perfect opportunity for Aunt Chippy to see her very first real-life sonogram. But, if you have a nephew like Jimmy Kimmel, you might want to expect some pranks every now and again.

And that’s exactly what happened in this hilarious footage from a hidden camera in the exam room.

Jimmy and the people at his show put together a tape to play on the sonogram screen, and the baby is doing all sorts of insane and impossible things. While Micki and the fake doctor are in on the joke, Aunt Chippy is in absolute shock and amazement as she watches.

Even after Jimmy puts his own face on the baby, she’s still believing it’s all real! This video is absolutely hilarious. Can you imagine seeing this on a screen for your daughter’s ultrasound checkup?

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