Bin That Looks Like Donald Trump Inspires The GREATEST Photoshop Battle Ever (10+ Pics)

February 17, 2017

When Twitter user Thomas Regembal took this picture in Paris, he thought he’d snapped a photograph of Donald Trump. It later turned out to be a trash can, although the similarities are pretty striking. The image was recently tweeted by The Poke, a British comedy website, who invited people to “do your wonderful stuff with it” using the hashtag #TheAdventuresOfDonaldTheBin. And rather unsurprisingly, it didn’t take the internet long to respond. See for yourself in list of hilarious Photoshops below. Think you can do better? Then feel free to add to the list, and don’t forget to vote!

#1 Mount Trumpmore

#2 Donald The Bin

#3 Off To Build A Uge Wall

#4 Donald Being Carried To His Inauguration By The First Lady And The First Lady Elect

#5 After A Leaked Photo Emerges, Sean Spicer Denies Trump Cabinet Members Are Manufactured Puppets

#6 Bin Of The Year

#7 The Adventures Of Donald The Bin

#8 Footage Of Donald Trump The Bin’s Terrifying Encounter With An Eagle

#10 American Gothbin