Boyfriend Calls Her ‘Fat’ During Fight, So She Dumps Him And Loses 140 Pounds To Prove Him Wrong

February 5, 2017

Hayley Westoby was having a silly argument with her then boyfriend when he let it slip that he thought she should “lose some weight.” Even though she knew he didn’t mean it maliciously, Hayley took his words as motivation to get her health under control.

After gaining weight at university thanks to a student lifestyle full of junk food and alcohol, Hayley was shocked when she learned how much she really weighed. Before college, she had been a physically fit teen who loved being active.

When she injured her knee, she had to stop running and playing sports. By the time she started university, she had already gained almost 25 pounds. Hayley told Daily Mail: “After that, it was really easy to relax into the student lifestyle. I forgot all about exercise and instead spent my spare time socializing in pubs and clubs.”

After her boyfriend at the time brought up her weight gain, Hayley set a goal for herself to lose 11 pounds. She changed her diet and started exercising, then “was amazed at how quickly [the weight] came off. So I kept going, educating myself on exercise and nutrition along the way.”

Every 10 pounds or so, she set another goal for herself, making her weight goals small enough to still feel achievable.

It’s been four years since her ex’s comment, and she’s lost over 140 pounds. “After taking junk food and alcohol out of my diet, I was amazed at how quickly I started to lose weight,” she said.

Once she started adding fitness into her life, Hayley remembered how much she loved exercising.

Although changing her diet and workout regimen have played a huge role in her weight loss, Hayley credits much of her success to cutting out alcohol. “People don’t realize how many calories and how much sugar is in that glass of wine or beer that they love,” she said.

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[H/T: Daily Mail]