After Bride And Groom’s Perfect Wedding, She Finds A Love Note In His Bag — But It’s Not To Her

February 8, 2017

Sarah and George had the picture-perfect wedding in 2011. She had the perfect dress, the perfect ceremony and the perfect man… or so she thought.

A few years into their marriage, Sarah went looking for a screwdriver to use inside the house. While George wasn’t home, Sarah looked inside one of his bags for the tool. Instead, she pulled out a letter penned in her husband’s handwriting.

Sarah claims George tucked the letter in his work bag — a love letter written to his mistress. He even signed the letter with “Your Mr Grey,” a sexy nod to the Fifty Shades of Grey romance franchise.

Sarah was suddenly a scorned and heartbroken bride.

When George returned home, the mother-of-three confronted him and he admitted to the affair.

But instead of wallowing in sadness, Sarah came up with a plan for redemption…

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Sarah Williams, 32, fell in love with a man named George. The first two years of dating were blissful, and they wed in 2011.

Sarah and George had a wonderful wedding surrounded by their closest family and friends.

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She absolutely loved her wedding dress, too.

And the honeymoon in Scotland was equally perfect.

Sarah had two kids going into the marriage, and then she and George had one more child together.

Needless to say, Sarah thought they were going to be together for the rest of their lives.

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About four years into the marriage, things took a turn for the worse.

Sarah says she was searching their house for a screwdriver when she looked in George’s work bag and found a letter. A love letter.

The letter, penned in her husband’s handwriting, was written to another woman he couldn’t wait to be with. He spoke of the future with her, as well as the holidays and birthdays they’d soon share together.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart…

I know I’ve only known you a few months, but the effect you have had on me has been immense…

I’m really looking forward to the future with you…

You are amazing baby, and I hope reading this brings a smile to your face…

He signed the letter as “Your Mr Grey,” a reference to the steamy Fifty Shades of Grey romance novels.

When George came home, Sarah confronted him. George admitted he’d been having an affair.

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Sarah immediately filed for divorce and kicked her husband out of the house. But she didn’t stop there.

She decided to get rid of everything that reminded her of her “perfect” wedding day — and why not make some money for her and her kids in the process?

Sarah started her wedding auction with her beloved $2,000 Justin Alexander wedding dress with sequin detail.

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She sold her diamond-encrusted tiara…

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Her engagement ring and wedding band…

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And at the end of the day, Sarah put $15,000 worth of wedding gear up for sale.

She wanted to raise enough to pay for a vacation for her and her kids.

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Sarah says she can’t wait to move on with her life.

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