This brilliant website will help you find your celebrity look-alike

With new technologies being developed virtually every day, it’s no surprise that more and more unusual services appear on the Internet. Like, for example, Microsoft’s website, which lets you find your celebrity look-alike. Be prepared, your mystery match is just a few mouse clicks away!


It’s really simple: go to the website and upload your photo. After a short while this online service will display a few celebrity photos that visually match your picture best, as well as calculate a matching score.

© roman_sdicaprio / celebslike

The scanning is based on many facial parameters however some characteristics such as hair length and color are not taken into account.

© assol13 / celebslike

Of course, this service is just for fun and the results shouldn’t be taken too seriously but we suggest you try it all the same. Who knows, perhaps it’s about time to pack your bags and book a flight for a celebrity look-alike contest. So, who’s YOUR match?

buzzhourly / celebslike