Bullied Little Girl Rides Her Bike, Then A Group Of Tough Bikers Line Up Next To Her

February 9, 2017

Audrianna is only 7 years old, but she is already a pro at riding her dirt bike around the block. The little girl is passionate about riding, but the other kids at school don’t quite understand Audrianna. She has been having a rough time and is getting bullied at Marshall Elementary in Toledo, OH.

“It could be part of it that she is a tomboy, but who knows,” Alexandria told WTVG.

That’s when her, Alexandria got a big idea. Why not show Audrianna that there’s nothing wrong with riding a dirt bike and that there are kind people out there just like her? The mom enlisted the help of The Punishers, a motorcycle group made up of EMS, law enforcement, military personnel, and firefighters. The biker club had an instant connection with Audrianna.

“We got her a vest and told her to think of us like her uncles, and she is part of our family now, and if she needs anything, let us know,” said president of The Punishers, biker Daniel Bushey. “Any chance we get, we help kids out, we do in a heartbeat.”

They put a helmet on Alexandria and the group of tough men escorted her to school. Since then, she has had a much easier time. The biker group devote much of their time helping kids, despite their tough exterior, they are great big softies who seek to protect others, not hurt them!

“We were just trying to uplift her spirits and let her know that not everybody is mean and there are plenty of nice people in the world,” Alexandria. “The guys have really done a wonderful job at helping us with that.”

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