Can you guess why this dog is so angry?

Allow us to introduce you to Anuko, a husky who recently became an internet sensation. His owner, Jasmine Milton, took some cool pictures of Anuko when she pretended to throw a ball to him and captured his reaction to her trick. The photos went viral in seconds!

LikeAble would like to note that Anuko ended up catching the ball anyways.

Does Anuko still not seem happy to you? That just his relaxed face. He always looks like that!

He is now the most famous husky on the internet.

It’s clear that that face is just the harsh exterior for a cute animal. Because the truth is, Anuko has done a lot of good for his owner.

’’He makes me so happy,’’ Milton said. ’’I was suffering from depression when I took Anuko in. He helped me recover. This dog is my hero!’’

Can you really call this cute little face mean?

Photo source: Jasmine Milton