Cat Surprises Everyone By Giving Birth To 7 Kittens, Then Dog Decides To Adopt Them All

February 1, 2017

Every cat owner knows what their pet looks like, but when they get soft around the belly, we usually just think it has to do with all of the treats they eat.

Imgur user oowth took in a friend’s cat in 2013 while that friend was deployed in the Navy. However, oowth didn’t realize the cat was pregnant.

After two weeks with Terra, the catsitter realized that their guest was getting progressively bigger, though they didn’t think anything of it.

It wasn’t until some tiny meows were heard around the house that they realized Terra had given birth to seven kittens! Quick online research helped them take care of Terra and her babies.

While Terra’s little ones began to explore their new temporary home, they came face to face with a weenie mix belonging to the catsitter. He quickly fell in love with the kittens and adopted the family!

[H/T: Love Meow]

Terra was one of two cats being watched while their owner was deployed in the Navy. Three weeks after arriving, she surprised everyone by delivering a litter of kittens in the middle of the night.

Thankfully, all of the kittens were healthy after their birth. The only medical issue occurred with one kitten, who later needed an eye removed, but she was still happy!

When the house dog met these kittens, he quickly took on the role of their protector. He would pick them up and carry them around the house!

The kittens were then named Fred, George, Tesla, Schrodinger, Dutchess, Minerva, and Honey Boo-Boo. The were given different colored collars so they could be told apart.

The mama cat was happy to let this dog protect and care for her babies any time he wanted!

Here one kitten is making the classic “leave me alone, Dad!” face, but all in all, the animals got along well and snuggled together often.

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