Céline Dion Is Shocked Backstage When An Ordinary Meet-And-Greet Turns Into A Surprise Proposal

February 11, 2017

Planning the perfect proposal is no easy feat. People often prepare for months before popping the big question, like this man who planned an entire flash mob.

And it makes sense — there’s a lot of planning that has to go into it, from the ring to the location, photographers, and so much more. There’s a lot of pressure to make it perfect.

One young man, Nick Janevski, knew the perfect way to propose to his girlfriend, Austin McMillan. There was no doubt in his mind that his proposal would be unforgettable — and he was definitely right.

Instead of doing a private, romantic proposal, Nick decided to get down on one knee in front of Austin’s favorite singer, Céline Dion.

Austin and Nick, who are both 24, went to the performer’s concert before doing a private meet-and-greet backstage. While they were with Céline, Nick pulled out a ring and knelt down.

Austin was in complete shock, but Céline seemed even more surprised than Austin!

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

Nick and Austin

For months, Nick planned to pop the question to his girlfriend at a Céline Dion meet-and-greet.

Nick, who is a personal trainer, used to train Celine’s manager. When he figured out how he wanted to propose, he texted her about getting backstage passes.

Nick also arranged for them to be the last slot in the meet-and-greet, that way he and Austin would be the only ones there with Céline.

Celine Dion — Nick and Austin

While they were taking pictures with her, Nick sneakily got down on one knee and turned to face Austin.

As if Austin wasn’t excited enough to meet her favorite performer, she was completely blown away when she saw Nick kneeling with an open ring box.

Céline was just as shocked, apparently, and she stood there gaping at the couple as she watched the proposal unfold.

Apparently Austin was so overwhelmed that she froze when she saw Nick down on one knee.

Nick and Austin, Celine Dion

She couldn’t even find the words to say yes, so she just stared open-mouthed at Nick for two minutes.

Eventually, she kissed him, still unable to find her voice to tell him that she would, of course, marry him.

Nick and Austin photo

Afterwards, Céline congratulated the just-engaged couple and complimented Austin’s new ring. She wished them a long and happy life together and gave them her blessing.

When the couple finally left, they went to Caesar’s Palace for gelato, where 35 of Austin’s family members and friends were waiting for them — Nick had planned that, too.

Now, the two are happily planning their big day — while still reeling over their amazing engagement story!

As Austin wrote in an Instagram caption: “I’m still floating around in the clouds over here feeling like it’s a dream! My heart is so happy!! What a dream come true.”

Austin and Nick snow

Do you love Céline Dion? Would you have been as speechless as Austin was if this happened to you?

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