Why All the Changes in Your Life Are Part of a Well-Designed Plan

February 25, 2017

People usually don’t attach much importance to certain accidents, preferring to call them simple coincidences. Yet sometimes there are such incredible coincidences in life that if it doesn’t change your perception of the world, then it at least leaves lots of questions.

LikeAble decided to look for an answer as to why we face coincidences so often.

There are aspects of our lives beyond our conscious control. For example, unconscious desires and thoughts which are able to materialize without our will. Usually, they take the form of extraordinary coincidences.

The problem with such coincidences was first emphasized by Carl Gustav Jung. He was convinced that the most remarkable coincidences in our lives are connected with intrapsychic experiences, thoughts, and even dreams. Situations of this sort show that our mind can slightly interact with what appears to be the physical world. Simply put, thoughts are material, even the unconscious ones.

You might ask, “Did I make up all the bad things going on right now in my life by myself?” Yes, but it’s not always so. It’s important to remember that there are circumstances beyond our control. But the fact still remains that the vast majority of what happens in your life is in answer to your own mental vibrations.

There are some thoughts, fears, and images that express our dreams and other things which often appear in our mind. The universe reacts to the frequency of these thoughts and seems to create events associated with them. So when an incredible coincidence abruptly breaks into the quiet of your everyday life, ask yourself whether it’s really so strange that you’ve attracted these events or people into your reality.

Yet it would be wrong to say that literally every thing, person, and event that we attract into our lives are the result of only our irrepressible mental energies. There’s another important factor we should remember: while we’re creating our reality, others also create their own. This is a collective work. If you meet some stranger on the road, it doesn’t mean he was materialized from your thoughts. Maybe it’s you who came from his mind. Or both of you are the thoughts of a third person, a group, and so on.

The easiest way to imagine all of the above is the following: picture a mirror that’s always under your feet. What you’re going through, what you often think about, all of it is reflected in the mirror and becomes reality. The thing is, the mirror is reality.

It turns out that everything you think about “beyond the mirror“ reflects into reality, and the coincidences could be called signs: signs of your real thoughts.

One of the few people who dared to investigate the nature of these matches from a scientific point of view is Dr. Bernard J. Bateman, professor of psychiatry at the University of Virginia. To say these coincidences are random ”is to recognize that coincidences don’t originally have meaning or great importance. Such statements can hardly be considered scientific without relevant evidence. Coincidence is not an explanation, it’s simply a statement of what happened.”

So mind the signs from time to time, but don’t overdo it trying to understand them!

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