Why You Should Check Your Baby’s Feet if They’re Crying for No Apparent Reason

February 25, 2017

Many parents get really scared when they cannot understand the reason for their baby’s cry. They’re well fed and healthy, but somehow they cannot calm down. Now we would like to tell you one of the reasons which represents a true danger. Unfortunately, most parents have no idea about it.


Hard to believe, but it’s a common hair caught in a child’s sock. It can twist tightly around the baby’s toes, facilitated by their irregular movements. A hair causes severe pain and blocks blood circulation, which could even result in the toe’s amputation if the threat isn’t noticed in time. Over time it becomes more and more difficult to see the hair as the toe swells. This phenomenon is called hair tourniquet.

Scott and Jessica Walker are young parents who faced it. Their little daughter was crying all day, though she seemed to have no reason for it. Jessica took off her socks, hoping it would calm her. She noticed that her daughter’s toe had swelled and become red. As it turned out, there was a hair that twisted around her toe.

If not for tweezers and a magnifying glass, this situation could have had a terrible ending.

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This phenomena is seen quite rarely, but lots of parents all over the world face it from time to time.

We at LikeAble had no idea this problem existed, so we decided to share it so that as many people as possible learn about it.

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