Clever Veteran Transforms Broken 1907 Piano Into A Gorgeous Writing Desk

February 8, 2017

It’s always a shame when something beautiful that was created with love, care, and skill deteriorates after years of neglect.

Sometimes, it even gets so bad that it can’t even be used anymore. Though most people might see the object’s former beauty, they could think it’s become nothing more than a lost cause.

Luckily, there are also plenty of people who see the potential that’s still there and able to restore it to its former glory, down to the last detail. This is not always possible, though, and that’s where some really amazing creativity comes in handy.

That was the case when veteran Jonathan Miranda Sickmeyer found an old upright piano dating from 1907. Someone was giving it away on Craigslist, and it was in such bad shape that it would be headed to the dump if nobody claimed it.

Jonathan knew he had to have the piano, but then the question turned into what to do with it.

“When I saw it, I debated on repurposing it back to its original state,” he said. “But it would have cost more than what the piano was actually worth. So I was at peace in turning something that was meant for one purpose and giving it a whole new one.”

Because making it a playable piano again wasn’t feasible, Jonathan decided to turn it into a desk. That way, the craftsmanship and beauty of the piano could be appreciated while retaining a practical function.

Check out how he did it below, and let us know what you think of the transformation!

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When artist, musician, and former Marine Jonathan Miranda Sickmeyer saw this 1907 piano on Craigslist, he was instantly taken with it.

Not only was it beautiful and masterfully crafted, it was also full of history, having been built some 110 years ago.

“To find an antique that has seen the years of WWI, the Great Depression, WWII, [and more] was just amazing,” Jonathan said.

Unfortunately, the piano would never be playable again.

The keys had been stripped of their ivory, and restoring the instrument would cost a lot of money — in fact, more than the worth of the piano itself.

Still, he wanted to salvage the piano somehow. First, he headed to the lumberyard and picked up a big slab of wood.

Then he trimmed it down to nestle in the space where the keys had been.

Afterward, he planed the wood to get a smooth, even surface.

“I used this hand planer for about 30 minutes, and then I bought an electric planer because ain’t nobody got time for that!” Jonathan joked.

He was able to take this photo, though, which looks like something right out of a history book.

To create space for the slab, Jonathan removed the front of the piano, exposing the strings and mechanisms inside.

He was inspired to create a desk out of the piano after seeing something similar on Facebook.

He needed a desk for his office, and realized that this piano would be the perfect thing. Plus, he already has a working piano that he plays regularly.

He also wanted some integrated lights for the desk, which is why he picked up some small LEDs that would be bright but unobtrusive.

The lights were installed on the upper and lower levels of the piano, and they look very dramatic in a dark room!

Next, it was time to add a protective layer to the wood slab that would become the desk’s surface.

The other option was a glass topper, but the craftsman went with a coat of epoxy, which he says was cheaper and a lot more fun to work with.

The epoxy does double duty of protecting the wood and making it look beautiful and shiny.

Jonathan used a torch to draw out any air bubbles from the epoxy while it was still liquid, to make sure the surface was as smooth and clear as possible.

At first, the artist wasn’t sure if he should strip off the piano’s original stain, so he decided to keep it “because this was that piano’s story.” He did give it a facelift, though, with some wood polish.

“In the end, there were many flaws,” Jonathan said. “But I am happy with how it turned out.”

When you consider that the Marine has no prior carpentry skills, it’s even more impressive!

A few people expressed dismay that the antique piano was altered, but Jonathan feels good about the transformation.

“People will say I ruined a fine piano, but I feel the opposite,” he said. “I was able to take this piano that was going to be thrown away and give it a new purpose in life.”

“I believe I gave this piece a new life that will serve me well, and that can be passed down from generation to generation in my family,” he said.

What do you think of this piano-to-desk transformation?

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