This couple made a trip around the whole of Europe for their four-year-old son

Instead of buying a globe and a map of the world for their four-year-old son, Mihai Barbu and his wife Olga decided to teach him a more fun geography lesson. They took a trip around the whole of Europe together! In total, the family has traveled 28,000 kilometers (17,398 miles) and visited 41 countries. A motorcycle was their vehicle and faithful assistant all the way.

We at LikeAble admire this courageous couple and suggest you take a look at the photos from their extraordinary trip.


Somewhere in Austria

The best food ever!

Playing near a tent

A ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki

Endless roads in Finland

Full of love on the Lofoten Islands in Norway


A sunny morning in France

Colorful doors in Porto, Portugal


Overnight stay in Spain

Meeting a monkey in Morocco

On a rooftop of the hotel in Morocco

One more ferry

In the Italian mountains


The last camping stop was in Greece

Here’s a map of their trip — they started in Bucharest, Romania

The last sticker — done!

Source: boredpanda