Couple Spends 18 Months Gutting An Old School Bus To Create A Gorgeous Home

February 4, 2017

For years, Justine and Ryan lived and worked much like everyone else.

But as with many other people, they yearned for something more. One day, they decided that they really needed a change — and they quickly found it in the form of a big ole run-down school bus.

The Texas couple bought the bus back in 2014, and spent the next year and a half giving it a complete overhaul. They ripped out the dingy old seats, painted the interior, and divided the space into rooms.

They installed lighting, sinks, a shower, toilet, and a stove, then added insulation, storage, and furniture.

They finished it all off by painting the outside a bright blue. Afterward, it was time to go… but where? Well, Everywhere!

Besides being made over into a modern tiny house, the bus was also made to remain a functional, drivable vehicle, ready for all kinds of adventure. The decision to keep it in working condition was inspired by their own wanderlust and by the stories of others who have set off on similar adventures.

Since setting off for the road in June 2016, Justine and Ryan (along with their dog and two cats) have clocked nearly 10,000 miles of travel. They aren’t planning on stopping, covering all of their adventures on their blog, We Got Schooled.

Check out the renovation below, and maybe you’ll get inspired to go on a little adventure of your own!

[H/T: Cottage Life]

In 2014, Texas couple Justine and Ryan bought an old yellow school bus. It was your standard bus, though it had seen better days.

But for Justine and Ryan, it was just the thing that would give their lives the change they’d been looking for.

However, first came 18 months of hard work.

After peeling off the vinyl “School Bus” stickers on the outside, they started by pulling out all the seats and completely emptying the inside.

Then came a lot of cleaning. You can see how grimy the floor was!

When the interior was clean, they moved on to a paint job. A light color would make the space seem larger.

When the paint dried, Justine, Ryan, and some friends who volunteered to pitch in started putting up the beams that would eventually divide the bus into different rooms.

Using these frames, they would later install walls. The placement of the walls would also make the bus seem less long and narrow, and more like a real home.

This area was designated to become the kitchen. Here, you can see the mini stove and the sink, still in packaging, before they were installed and hooked up.

The bedroom would be in the back, where some of the windows were also blocked off for the sake of privacy.

So how did it all turn out?

Pretty stunning!

Where the school bus had rows of old seats, the new house has a spacious living area, a kitchen, bathroom, and a bedroom. The breezy white, blue and wood scheme keeps it looking light and airy.

The kitchen is compact, but has everything the couple needs to cook, with shelving and hooks for added storage space.

Around the living room are more shelves like this one up by the ceiling to hold books and other treasures without taking up too much room.

In the bedroom, there are more bookshelves and a bed. While a few of the windows have been painted over, some have been left clear to let in light. They are instead covered by curtains.

There’s a tiny bathroom with a small toilet, and there’s a shower stall across the way.

Up front, the bus is still drivable. The steering area is a little less stylish than the rest of the house, but the important thing is that it works so Justine and Ryan can travel the continent the way they’ve always wanted to.

As for the outside, they knew that yellow had to go… so bright blue it was.

They also built a storage rack on top to carry their larger outdoor items. A built-in ladder made with wooden beams allows them to get up and down easily to access their stuff.

And there’s even a homemade, built-in crane! This helps them lift and lower larger objects, like their kayak. Pretty clever!

For power, the bus uses solar panels that soak up rays all day. This makes living in the bus cheaper and cleaner.

You can follow along on Justine and Ryan’s adventures on their blog, as well as on Facebook and Instagram. They plan to continue traveling to new places. They were most recently in New Mexico.

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