Couple Wonders Why Cat Out In The Cold Isn’t Moving, Then Realizes He’s Frozen In Place

February 5, 2017

A couple was walking down the road when they noticed a fluffy cat sitting in the snow. He had frozen whiskers and wasn’t moving, so they went to see what was going on.

When they got closer to the cat, they realized that he was frozen into a puddle and unable to move. Instead of leaving the cat to die of hypothermia, they sprang into action, knowing they had to save it quickly.

After trying to lift the feline from the ground, they figured out that the cat’s paws were completely frozen into the ground. The cat, who was probably terrified, let the humans do whatever they wanted, just hoping to survive.

The couple knew that they couldn’t just pull the cat out of the ice because he might get injured in the process, so they got a bucket full of warm water and slowly poured it over the cat’s legs. It took a few tries, but eventually the cat’s paws came unstuck.

As soon as the cat was free, they wrapped him in a coat, trying to warm him up slowly. The cat looks grateful at the end of the video, but mostly cold.

It’s not clear what happened with the cat after the video was shot, but we can only hope that he was taken to a vet and has made a good recovery.

If it weren’t for these helpful people and their fast actions, this cat might have died out in the snow. If you think these two are true heroes, please SHARE with your other cat-loving friends!

[H/T: Viral Nova]