’Created equal’: one of the most thought-provoking photo projects you’ll ever see

If you look closely enough, you will see that even exact opposites have something in common. American photographer Mark Laita devoted a special photography project to this fundamental idea. He called it ’Created equal’.

Laita worked on the project over the course of eight years. During this period, he visited forty-eight American states, taking photos of all kinds of people he met along the way. After collecting several thousand photos and selecting the best ones, the photographer presented his observations to the world in a book with the same name as the project itself.

There are two photos of representatives from opposing worlds on each page, demonstrating the striking contrast between professions, appearances, and lifestyles we see throughout our global society. The images compel us to think about how absolutely all of us were all equal a few short years ago, when we first appeared in this world, until our different and changing environment, circumstances or personal fate moulded us all into the unique individuals we are today.

We at LikeAble think that this is one of the best photo projects we’ve ever seen about our fascinating and diverse world.

An astronaut vs. an alien abductee

A ballerina vs. a boxer

A subway musician vs. a musician from a brass band

A polygamist vs. a pimp

An underwear model vs. a plus-size woman wearing an all-in-one

Amish teenagers vs. punk teenagers

A body-builder vs. a farmer

Nuns vs. prostitutes

A CEO vs. a courier

A French chef vs. a street vendor

Mariachi singers vs. Elvis impersonators

A motorcycle gang vs. altar boys

A bank robber vs. policemen

A college graduate vs. an expelled high school student

A poor family vs. a rich family

A Baptist churchgoer vs. a white supremacist

A homeless man vs. a real estate developer

A marine vs. a war veteran

A fur trapper vs. a lady with a dog

A county fair livestock show contestant vs. a Cajun man

A fortune-teller vs. an executioner

A philosopher vs. an automobile mechanic

A barber vs. a beauty salon employee

Photo credit: marklaita.net