This creative mom makes periodic table battleships to teach her kids chemistry

Karyn Tripp, a mother of four, loves chemistry and always wanted to find a way to get her kids interested in it as well. That’s why she came up with the simple but ingenious idea of combining science with a fun game. We here at LikeAble were seriously impressed by Karyn’s creativity and just had to share this with you.

Karyn combined the popular game ’Battleships’ with the periodic table.

She simply numbered and lettered each row of the periodic table and told the kids to mark their one- to five-element long ships.

And the explosive guessing game begins, whilst sneakily teaching everyone the elements of the periodic table. Genius!

’This game can be played even by kids who know nothing about the periodic table. My 8-year-old daughter has not studied any chemistry yet, but really enjoyed this one,’ said Karyn.

Karyn Tripp with her family

Source: pulptastic