Dad Cleans Garage, Then Finds Grandma’s Hatbox With A Hidden Wedding Cake Inside

February 8, 2017

Ronald Warninger was cleaning out his garage. That’s when the 67-year-old from Washington discovered his grandmother’s old hatbox. When Ronald looked inside, he was even more shocked to discover a small wedding cake hidden away.

The wedding cake was untouched, and being that his grandparents were married in 1915, it was 100 years old. Hard as a rock, its shape and design were perfectly preserved.

“It was in a hatbox,” Arnold told Inside Edition in 2015. “It’s petrified… It is hollow.”

Ronald’s father was presumably the last person to have the cake. He guesses that his father, who passed away in 2011, may have taken the cake out of the freezer in the 1990s and tucked it away in the garage.

“When it thawed, it didn’t need to be frozen anymore,” he said.

Though the cake is now as hard as porcelain, it has become a family keepsake: Ronald plans on passing it on to his daughter one day.

“I’ll probably just keep it in storage,” he said

While it is a typical wedding tradition for couples to keep the top of their wedding cake for a year to eat on their first anniversary, saving it for generations is certainly something new.

Saving your cake is believed to bring good luck and prosperity. Considering that this treat has been in the family for generations, it seems it gave the old couple just that.

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