Dad Peeks Out From Behind A Tree, But His Big Belly Is Making People Do A Double Take

February 10, 2017

Maternity photos are a great time for a family to show everyone their character and sense of humor. One Knoxville couple, Brittney and Malcolm Fontenot, did just that during their photo shoot.

The couple is expecting their first child in March, and they decided to mark the occasion with a memorable photo that’s now going viral! In the series of photos taken by Nicki Kaylor, the couple poses in various positions in a field. But it’s one, in particular, that’s making heads turn.

The shot features the pregnant wife hiding behind a tree, her profile facing the camera. Her face is hidden behind the tree. But Malcolm peeks out from behind her, creating one hilarious illusion!

At first glance, it certainly seems that he’s the one with the pregnant belly. Many people are commenting on how this photo made them do a double take, but then how this was also quite clever!

Parents-t0-be, Malcolm and Brittney Fontenot, recently staged a photo shoot to celebrate the upcoming birth of their child.

The couple, casually dressed, posed in a field for a series of romantic photos.

It seems like any other photo shoot at first.

But it wasn’t all serious business — there was certainly some fun and games!

But we think this photo definitely takes the cake! These parents-to-be have quite the sense of humor they’re sure to pass on to their little one.

Did you have to give this photo a second glance, and did it make you chuckle? Let us know in the comments if you wish you could have pulled this off if you posed for maternity photos too.

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