Doctors Expect Sick Grandma To Die, Then Find Her Living With Hunky Young Neighbor

January 31, 2017

Doctors did not expect 89-year-old Norma Cook to live past the holidays. The elderly woman was diagnosed with leukemia. Additionally, pneumonia and breathing problems forced her to spend two months in the hospital.

Following her release, doctors told her she couldn’t live on her own without 24-hour care. It seemed that Norma’s options were limited, and with her health declining, she needed to find help soon.

Luckily, she received it from an unlikely source: her 31-year-old neighbor, actor Chris Salvatore, who lived just across the hall.

Chris started by raising funds for his neighbor, whom he considers to be like a grandmother, through a GoFundMe page. But when he heard that she couldn’t come back to her home, he offered her a place in his! Now, the two happily live together, and Chris is taking such good care of Norma. She’s thriving, miraculously exceeding her doctors’ expectations and surviving longer than they expected.

Chris and Norma pose with champagne

When his elderly and sick neighbor couldn’t live on her own anymore, actor Chris Salvatore did what he knew was best: offer her a place in his own home.

Chris and Norma at lunch

Chris gives Norma round-the-clock care and is very attentive to her needs.

Norma wasn’t expected to survive past the holidays, following a severe illness that landed her in the hospital. Now, however, she seems happy and in decent health!

Chris and Norma watch a movie

Chris often updates his fans and followers on his adventures with Norma, which involve watching movies together and sipping champagne.

Chris and Norma on New Year's

The two have become so close, that the elderly woman considers him to be the grandson she never had.

Hopefully, Norma will continue to thrive under Chris’ care!

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