Dog Gives Birth, Then Neighbor Cat Snatches Her Puppies And Runs

February 6, 2017

For some strange reason, many people like to pit dog people against cat people to argue about which animal is better.

For Miss Kitty, a fluffy orange cat, things were much simpler. In 1993, she saw a litter of puppies that needed a mom. She was going to be their mama, even if she wasn’t a dog.

In the vintage video below, the story of how Miss Kitty became the mother to a litter of puppies is heartwarming, with a touch of sadness.

Missy Grant, Miss Kitty’s owner, tells the story of how Miss Kitty had a litter of kittens, but hid them from her. The kittens were in bad shape, and tragically, they all passed away.

At that same time, Missy’s dog, Smoochy, gave birth. But there was a problem. Her puppies were healthy, but Smoochy had no interest in being a mom.

She would ignore their cries and run over them. That is when Miss Kitty intervened. One by one, Miss Kitty “kidnapped” Smoochy’s puppies to bring to her own part of the yard.

It was an amazing sight to see, that Miss Kitty had decided that she was going to be their mom, since Smoochy didn’t seem to care. You can see how Miss Kitty cared for the puppies in the video below.

If you are happy to see that Miss Kitty did a good job raising these puppies, you’ll also love the story of a mommy cat taking it upon herself to raise tiny, abandoned Chihuahua puppies.

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