Dogs Find A Tiny Baby On The Dirty Ground, Then Rescuers Realize She’s A Feathertail Glider

When it comes to rescuing animals, it means all animals, the big and the small. And sometimes, the very, very small.

In fact, sometimes the animals are so small that most people might not even notice them as they pass by.

Luckily, a pair of sharp eyes, as well as a few noses, were out the day a baby feathertail glider fell from her mother’s pouch. Weighing in at less than a gram (that’s lighter than a paper clip), the tiny baby was in no shape to fend for herself.

A man was walking his dogs when the dogs picked up the scent, leading him to the lost baby marsupial. He scooped her up and immediately brought her to the right place, where she could get the care she needed.

The tiny, nearly hairless glider was taken to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. They’re the same organization who swaddled 28 baby flying foxes who fell from their roosting tree, and they work extensively to rescue, rehabilitate, and conserve Australia’s wild animal populations.

The feathertail glider was named Boop, which is really very fitting, and was given a full checkup at the hospital.

Check out Boop below, and remember to always pay attention to details. You might end up saving a life!

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Boop arrived at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital after being spotted by a man walking his dogs. She’d evidently fallen out of her mother’s pouch, but was otherwise uninjured.

At the hospital, she was given this little blanket to snuggle in. Weighing less than a paper clip, she’ll stay at the hospital until she’s strong enough to return to the wild.

Boop is currently drinking two ml. a day and growing at a good rate under around-the-clock care.

When she’s an adult, she’ll look like this, and weigh about 13 grams (that’s about 13 paper clips), so still, very tiny!

Feathertail gliders are the smallest gliding mammals in the world and are native to Australia’s eastern coastal area.

The specialists at the hospital hope that Boop will grow up strong and healthy, and then she’ll be returned to the wild, where she can live out her days eating nectar and insects, and maybe even having a family of her own.

And when the hospital shared Boop’s picture, there was an outpouring of joy and gratitude from the public.


Some people even recounted their own stories of animal rescue and showed how diligently the zoo hospital works with all kinds of creatures.

And Boop isn’t the only baby they’ve had on the premises! This tiny koala also passed through, much to the delight of everyone.

The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital is dedicated to providing care and services to all creatures, be they tiny and fuzzy like Boop, or big and scaly like a crocodile.

You can check out more of their work on their website, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

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